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Best wishes to all Petroleum Engineering PE Licensure Candidates

Best wishes to all Petroleum Engineering PE Licensure Candidates taking the

PE exam on Monday Oct 23rd, 2023, exactly 2 weeks from today.

Here is some advice as you wrap up your studying:

-Go through my Petroleum PE Licensure Examination Question Bank one more time.

-Take a drive this weekend to your exam center and make sure you clearly know how

to make your way there.

-Go to bed early; trust me you will need a clear and focused mind to challenge the


-Remember to take your photo ID with you to the exam centein caser.

-Get to your exam center with plenty of time to spare.

-Probably a good idea to take a sweater along in case it gets chilly in the exam center.

-Probably a good idea to bring your lunch with you when leaving home in the


-Make sure you take your NCEES-approved calculator along with you (good idea to

have a spare one in your car).

-Use your NCEES-approved calculator efficiently

-Remember it's not a sprint but a marathon pace yourself accordingly

-Probably a good idea to make a couple of quick sweeps through the entire exam

attempting questions of increasing difficulty that you feel you have a good chance of

checking correctly.

-Make sure you punch the answer choice that corresponds to what you feel is the right

answer sounds like a no-brainer but under exam pressure, you could easily miss a

question you know very well…. painful

-Most importantly listen to your exam proctor, you don’t want to get thrown out of

the exam for failing to abide by simple exam conduct instructions.

-Above all congratulations on surviving the grueling hours of studying.


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