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To all the newly minted (Class of 2022) Petroleum Engr. PE's

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

To all the newly minted (Class of 2022) Petroleum Engr. PE’s congratulations on a job well done!! Welcome to the club!

The road towards becoming a Petroleum Engr. PE is an arduous one to say the least.

You have persevered and can now be referred to as distinguished amongst your peers.

Make sure you get your certificate and PE stamp in a timely fashion. Most importantly make sure you send in the imprint of your PE stamp to the state board you are licensed with!!

To those who didn’t succeed this time around, challenging the exam alone takes a lot of courage. The exam is not for the faint hearted. If you decide to take the exam again, take your time to understand your weak areas from your exam breakdown report and brush up on it.

To those considering taking the exam in Oct. 2023 and beyond. I respect you for wanting to embark on this challenging journey towards licensure. My advice is to get started early with the application process and prepare adequately especially for those whose careers are weak in certain sub-specialties of petroleum engineering.



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