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Question (10):

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Which of the following below is not part of the 6 degrees of freedom available to a vessel/ship on the

ocean involved in oil and gas production operations?

(a) Heave

(b) Sway

(c) Heel

(d) Yaw

Difficulty Level: Hard

NCEES Topic/Sub-topic: Production / Completion / Deepwater production considerations

Comment:  The other 3 degrees of freedom for a vessel/ship on the ocean are pitch, roll & surge.

Heave has to do with the vertical up and down movement of the ship.

The period is usually 7 - 8 seconds. Sway has to do with the lateral movement of the entire ship on the ocean, Yaw has to do with the rotational motion of the ship about its vertical axis, the pitch has to do with the up and down motion of the fore and aft of a ship on the ocean, the roll has to with the sideways rocking of a ship on the ocean about the centerline of a ship, and the surge has to do with forward and backward motion of a ship on the ocean. The heel has to do with the temporary tilt of a ship on one side in the ocean.

Answer &Reference(s): (C) Page 545 - 549. Petroleum Engineering Handbook Vol III (Facilities and Construction Engineering) by Kenneth E. Arnold et al

Answer & Reference(s): (C) Pages. 228, 239, 525, 605, 385, 442, & 523. Dictionary



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