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Question (36):

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

According to ASME B31.4 what should be the internal wall thickness of a pipe with a nominal size?

4.0 (O.D of 4.5 inches) schedule 80?

(a) 0.147 inches

(b) 0.237 inches

(c) 0.718 inches

(d) 0.337 inches

Difficulty Level: Easy

NCEES Topic/Sub-topic: Facilities Engr. / Selection of piping to accommodate flow rate, and total pressure drop considerations.

Comment: The first hurdle in getting this question right is to know that the table presented on page 159 of the reference guide applies to ASME B31.4, this piece of information is neatly hidden away on page 158 of the reference guide.

Strong familiarity with the reference guide will help you know exactly where to go with this very easy question.

Answer & Reference(s): (D): Page 159. SPE Pet. Engineering Certification and PE License Exam Reference Guide, Ali Ghalambor, Ph.D., P.E. (2020 Update)



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