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Question (52):

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Which of the following is not a recommended best practice when calculating the number of stages for an ESP?

(a) Select cable with lowest voltage and highest amps

(b) Larger units are usually less expensive

(c) Larger units are usually more efficient

(d) The total dynamic head is used in determining the total number of stages required and its recommended to use the motor with the next highest number of stages

Difficulty Level: Medium

NCEES Topic/Sub-topic: Production/Completions: downhole pumps including ESP’s PCP’s and jet pumps

Comments: Select cable with highest voltage and lowest amps

Answer & Reference(s): (A): Page 625 – 710. Petroleum Engineering Handbook Vol. IV (Production Operations Engineering) by Joe Dunn Clegg, et al. (2007)



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